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Best of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, featuring several listener favorites: What's Carl This Time?, Ice-T is asked about pantyhose, Peter's penchant for bad "rhyme" puns, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Tony Shalhoub answers questions about nuns, Mo Moments and Bill Clinton playing Not My Job about My Little Ponies

Before playing the clips of Carl Kasell yelling "GOOOOAL" and mimicking the sound of a vuvuzela, Peter mentioned that the clips came from two shows in July 2010. In fact, the first clip came from the Not My Job round of the 2010-06-12 show and the vuvuzela clip came from the "Who's Carl This Time?" round from 2010-06-19.

Since the Mo Moments segment is a repeat of the one from the 2011-08-27 show, my name is mentioned on this show as well. w00t!