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NPR DB ID: 1133
When you want your flower pollinated, I'll be your bum-Bill bee
Chosen: Tom Bodett
Correct: Tom Bodett
Who's Bill This Time?, The Trump Dump, Bluff the Listener about someone trying to save a group with dwindling numbers, Not My Job about going slow, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: what new store will replace Forever 21?

Tom Bodett purposefully butchered the pronunciation of "Worcestershire" while reading this Bluff the Listener story.

Peter Sagal accepted Helen Hong's answer of "paper" for her fourth Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank question. The correct answer was "books about decluttering". Peter would not accept Tom Bodett's answer of "buffaloed" for Tom's fifth Lightning question, even after Tom tried to get Peter to accept it. Tom answered his seventh Lightning question with "Not the Cubs" and that was accepted by Peter when the answer was in fact the Cubs.