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NPR DB ID: 561
Dan Coffey
Chosen: Roy Blount, Jr.
Correct: Roy Blount, Jr.
Chosen: Margo Kaufman
Correct: Margo Kaufman
Chosen: Peter Sagal
Correct: Peter Sagal
Week in Review; Bonus Phrase: Blue Screen of Death; We'll Wait, You Tell Us; Lightning True or False; Triple Point Bonus Round; News Etymology: Lent; Wait Wait I'm Pontificating; Predicting Next Week's Headlines

For We'll Wait, You Tell Us, the first listener contestant chose Roy Blount, Jr.'s answer, which was correct. The second listener contestant chose Margo Kaufman's answer, which was also correct. Dan Coffey said that it was the first time that they had two listener contestants that won in a row; but, on the show that aired on 1998-01-17, there were four listener contestants for the segment and the third and fourth contestants had won.

Peter Sagal would skirt around saying the bonus phrase by making puns based on the phrase. Carl Kasell allowed the first pun, blue cream of death, and gave him a point and Peter was still eligible to earn points by saying the actual bonus phrase. Peter would continue to make puns and Carl would not grant Peter additional points.

Although listed in the segments on the show's page on NPR.org, the Gossip, Rumor & Innuendo segment was not included in the version that was aired.

For News Etymology, the listener contestant chose Peter's answer, which was correct.

While Peter was reading his essay for Wait Wait I'm Pontificating, the sound of someone pouring a drink could be heard from an unmuted microphone.