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NPR DB ID: 851
Chosen: Mo Rocca
Correct: Mo Rocca
Who's Carl This Time?, Special Message for Carl Kasell from Stephen Colbert, Bluff the Listener about a politician trying to avoid a scandal with a pre-emptive statement, Special Message for Carl Kasell from Tom Hanks, Not My Job about King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Special Message for Carl Kasell from Katie Couric, Listener Limerick Challenge, Special Message for Carl Kasell from President Barack Obama

This is Carl Kasell's last Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! show before retiring and becoming Wait Wait's Scorekeeper Emeritus.

I was able to attend the live taping at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC.

During the Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank round, Mo Rocca had only answered five questions correctly but Carl Kasell stated that Mo Rocca had answered six correct. Paula Poundstone answered seven questions correctly and Carl also stated that Paula had only answered six. The correct scores and ranking for the panelists should be: Paula Poundstone in 1st with 18 points, Roxanne Roberts in 2nd with 14 points and Mo Rocca in 3rd with 13 points.