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Best Of NPR DB ID: 1040
I'm the dignified news anchor with an irresistible bass line. That's right, I'm dancea-Bill
Chosen: Mo Rocca
Correct: Mo Rocca
Best of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! with a look back at some favorite Not My Job interviews and previously un-aired material from the past year, part one

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! taped two shows while in San Francisco, California on August 10th and 11th. The Bluff the Listener and the Not My Job segments included on this Best Of show comes from the show that taped on August 11th.

Normally, the chosen bluff and the correct bluff from Bluff the Listener segments re-aired on Best Of shows do not get noted in the Stats Page database. In this case, the Bluff the Listener segment was not aired as part of a regular Wait Wait show, I have noted the chosen and correct bluff information for this show.

The first segment features Tom Hanks as guest host on the show that aired on 2017-01-14.

Mo Rocca tried to persuade Lars Ulrich to change his choice for the first Not My Job question. Lars asked the audience for help and many of them shouted out "B"; but, Lars stuck with "A", which was not correct. Mo said, "It's not that" after Peter Sagal read the second option for the second question. The audience was split on which answer they thought was correct. And, before Lars started to come up with an answer for the third question, the audience started outing out answers, many agreeing on "B".