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NPR DB ID: 1102
Let me toss your salad. I'm, I'm Bill-samic vinaigrette
Chosen: Tom Bodett
Correct: Tom Bodett
Who's Bill This Time?, Bluff the Listener about pickles coming to the rescue, Not My Job about hot wings, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: what will be the thing everyone will be talking about at next year's Oscars?

During the first panel round, Faith Salie said "We'll turn the light off for you" as a twist on the Motel 6 tagline: "We'll leave the light on for you"; which, was coined by Tom Bodett.

All three of the choices for the third Not My Job question were correct.

Six of the eight Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank questions asked to Paula Poundstone made it into the edited version of the show. Of those six questions, Paula answered four correct and two incorrect. Bill Kurtis said that Paula answered five correct; which, means that the fifth one would have been one of the two questions that were edited out.