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NPR DB ID: 1232
The voice of the NPR credits and the man who makes you wish Fidelity Insurance was Infidelity Insurance
Chosen: Josh Gondelman
Correct: Josh Gondelman
Who's Chioke This Time?, Bluff the Listener about a good day gone bad, Not My Job about middle fingers throughout history, Listener Limerick Challenge, Panelist Predictions: what will other pharmaceuticals name their vaccines?

Jane Kaczmarek asked the audience for help on the second Not My Job question and they mostly yelled "B". Jane chose "B" and it was the correct answer. For the third Not My Job question, the audience mostly yelled "C", which Jane chose and was correct.

Paula Poundstone started the Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank segment with 3 points, tied with Josh Gondelman. When Peter Sagal asked how many questions Paula would need to answer correctly to win, Chioke said, "8 to tie, 9 to win". There are only 8 questions asked for each panelist in a regular Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank segment.

After Paula finished her questions, Peter asked Chioke if Paula did enough to win, Chioke said that Paula answered 5 correct for a total of 15 points. The only way that would be true is if Paula started the segment with 5 points, not 3 points. Paula's correct score should have been 13 (unlucky as it may be) and would have placed her in third behind Maz Jobrani with 14 points. Instead, Paula slotted in second place.

Since Chioke is the official judge and scorekeeper for the show, the points and rankings listed for Paula and Maz are based on the official records as stated by Chioke.