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I'm that show about New York financiers you don't watch because it's on Showtime. I'm Bill-ions
Chosen: Luke Burbank
Correct: Luke Burbank
Best Of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! featuring favorite Not My Job interviews from the past year and some never-before-heard content

Tom Papa was the guest host for the show with Jeremy Allen White as the Not My Job guest and was the guest host for the shows that the first and fourth questions included in the Panelist Questions segment.

The Bluff the Listener and the Not My Job segment featuring Vivek Murthy were from the second show that was taped at Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia taped on August 26, 2022. Since the Bluff the Listener segment came from a show that has not been aired before, the Chosen and Correct bluff stories have been noted for this show.

For the Vivek Murthy's first Not My Job question, the audience yelled out "A", which was the correct answer. The audience also yelled out "C" for the second Not My Job question, which was also correct.