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NPR DB ID: 1360
Don't go out in the cold. Stay inside and curl up in front of my voice
Chosen: Faith Salie
Correct: Faith Salie
Who's Bill This Time?; Panel Questions; Bluff the Listener about a company doing unusual things to save money; Not My Job about games played by rolling balls; Panel Questions; Listener Limerick Challenge; Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank; Panelist Predictions: what will be the next big theory of relationship success?

After Peter Sagal read the choices for David Oyelowo's second Not My Job question, the audience shouted out "B" while David chose "C". Faith Salie provided a hint that the correct answer was "B". David changed his answer to "B", which was correct. Someone in the audience shouted out "A" after Peter read the choices for the third Not My Job question, which David chose and was correct.

When Peter asked Bill Kurtis how David did, Bill said, "In the final tally, I think David's got all three" even though David only answered two correct. An exception has been noted.