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NPR DB ID: 1366
Now that Bill's here, it's Austin City No Limits
Chosen: Karen Chee
Correct: Karen Chee
Who's Bill This Time?; Panel Questions; Bluff the Listener about a winner suffering a setback; Not My Job about Dan Brown; Panel Questions; Listener Limerick Challenge; Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank; Panelist Predictions: what will Merrian-Webster allow us to do next?

This is the first show to be taped on a leap day. The first show to be aired on a leap day was on 2020-02-29.

Peter Grosz initially answered his first Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank question with "Devil" but changed his answer to "Senate Minority Leader" as Peter Sagal was saying "Senate Minorty Leader". Peter received credit for the answer. In the edited version of the show, Peter was asked 7 questions and answered 5 correct while Bill Kurtis said that Peter had answered 6 correct. The other question may have been edited out for time. The scoring data entered for Peter reflects the scoring kept by Bill.

Karen Chee answered her sixth Lightning question with "Eggs" while the correct answer was "Groceries". Peter Sagal gave her credit for her answer. Karen answered her seventh Lightning question with "Disneyland" while the correct answer was "Disney World". Peter also grave Karen credit for her answer.