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NPR DB ID: 1378
Guest: Tom Papa
Hey Seattle, get ready for Me-attle
Chosen: Luke Burbank
Correct: Luke Burbank
Who's Bill This Time?; Panel Questions; Bluff the Listener about stain-blocking ceiling paint in the news; Not My Job about people with serious feet; Panel Questions; Listener Limerick Challenge; Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank; Panelist Predictions: who will blame their spouse next?

No ding sound was played after J. Kenji López-Alt answered "B" for the third Not My Job question even though it was the correct answer.

Luke Burbank answered his fifth Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank question with, "curing his heartburn". Tom Papa said, "Close. To focus on his gut health". Luke thought it was close enough and the audience cheered him on. Tom asked Bill Kurtis if Luke should get points for the answer and Bill agreed.

Another instance where all three panelists answered the same number of questions correct during Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank.