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NPR DB ID: 564
Dan Coffey
Chosen: Peter Sagal
Correct: Peter Sagal
Chosen: Peter Sagal
Correct: Adam Felber
Week in Review; Bonus Phrase: Silk-suited Dilettantes; We'll Wait, You Tell Us; Lightning True or False; Why Should We Know Who You Are?; Triple Point Bonus Round; Wait Wait I'm Pontificating; Predicting Next Week's Headlines

A listener submitted a question that was used in the Week in Review segment and was given a chance to answer a question about the news to get a custom message from Carl Kasell. The listener answered the question correct.

The NPR.org show page lists a News Etymology segment, but one was not included in the version of the show that aired.

At the start of the Wait Wait I'm Pontificating segment, Carl stated that Peter Sagal was in the lead with 13 points, Margo Kaufman was in second place and Adam Felber was in third place, but Carl didn't state how many points Margo or Adam had.

Due to Adam's low score, he was skipped over when it came to reading his essay. This means that no definitive total score was given for Adam. Adam did not answer any questions correct in the Week in Review segment, had a +1 during the Lightning True or False segment, did not answer any questions correct during the Triple Point Bonus Round segment, and had used the bonus phrase for a minimum of 1 point. This would have meant that Adam had a minimum of 2 points at the start of the final segment. Until a definitive answer on how many points Adam had, 2 points has been entered in for this show.

Carl gave six points for Margo's essay for a total of 14 points. Meaning, Margo would have started the segment with 9 points.