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NPR DB ID: 727
Chosen: Margo Kaufman
Correct: Roxanne Roberts
Chosen: Margo Kaufman
Correct: Roxanne Roberts
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Both listener contestants for the two We'll Wait, You Tell Us segments chose Margo Kaufman's answers, but Roxanne Roberts had the correct answer for both.

During the Not My Job segment, Peter Sagal had mentioned that Susan Stamberg had answered zero questions correct when she appeared on the show that aired on May 2, 1998. On that show, Carl Kasell said that Susan did get a point with an assist from Roxanne Roberts.

This show also puts into cannon the names given for the Not My Job scores that would be referenced for many years on the show. Scoring zero points would be a "Stamberg", scoring one point would be a "Palca", scoring two points would be "Siegel", and scoring three points would be an "Overby".

A huge thank you to Robert Neuhaus, Technical Director of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, for providing information about this particular airing of the show; as, the information provided on NPR.org lists the same show information for both May 23, 1998 and this show.