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NPR DB ID: 325
Chosen: Roxanne Roberts
Correct: Adam Felber
Chosen: Adam Felber
Correct: Roxanne Roberts
Who's Carl This Time?; Week in Review; Extort New York City; We'll Wait, You Tell Us; You're the Press Secretary!; Lightning True or False; We'll Wait, You Tell Us #2; Not My Job about construction in the news; Who's Carl This Time? #2; Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank; Predicting Next Week's Headlines

The Extort New York City segment was a spin on the previous Suck Up to Minnesota segment, but this time it is try to extort New York Public Radio to include the show on WNYC's radio schedule.

For the first We'll Wait, You Tell Us, the listener contestant chose Roxanne Roberts' answer, but Adam Felber's answer was correct.

For the second We'll Wait, You Tell Us, the listener contestant chose Adam's answer, but Roxanne's answer was correct.

As an aside, when the gong sound is played during Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank, Peter will stop reading the question even if he wasn't finished and the panelist won't be able to provide an answer.