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NPR DB ID: 327
Chosen: Adam Felber
Correct: Roxanne Roberts
Lightning True or False; Listener Multiple Choice; Who's Carl This Time?; Extort New York City; Week in Review; We'll Wait, You Tell Us; Not My Job about new entries found in the new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary; Who's Carl This Time? #2; Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank; Predicting Next Week's Headlines

The show's page on NPR.org did not provide any information for segments after the We'll Wait, You Tell Us bluff segment.

For the Listener Multiple Choice segment, the listener chose Margo Kaufman's answer for the first item, but Adam Felber's answer was correct. For the second item, the listener chose Roxanne Roberts' answer, but Margo's answer was correct. For the third item, the listener chose Roxanne's answer, but Margo's answer was correct.

For the We'll Wait, You Tell Us segment, the listener contestant chose Adam's answer, but Roxanne's answer was correct.

The Not My Job question format continued with the multiple choice format from the previous show.