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NPR DB ID: 328
Guest: Bob Garfield
Chosen: Roxanne Roberts
Correct: Roy Blount, Jr.
Chosen: Roy Blount, Jr.
Correct: Charlie Pierce
Lightning True or False; Who's Garfield This Time?; We'll Wait, You Tell Us; Week in Review; We'll Wait, You Tell Us #2; Not My Job about politician's unapologetic apoligies; Who's Garfield This Time? #2; Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank; Predicting Next Week's Headlines

This is the first show with a guest judge and scorekeeper: Bob Garfield.

The show page on NPR.org and the current naming convention for the "Who's [Scorekeeper] This Time?" segment is to use the first name of the scorekeeper. Instead of "Who's Bob This Time?", Peter Sagal called the segment, "Who's Garfield This Time?".

For the first Who's Garfield This Time?, option "C" for all three questions were "religious broadcaster Pat Robertson".

After answering two questions correct for the first Who's Garfield This Time? segment, the listener contestant was given a choice of either Carl Kasell's voice or Bob's voice for their answering machine's outgoing message. When the listener contestant asked their significant other, the response was "Bob who?".

For the first We'll Wait, You Tell Us, the listener contestant chose Roxanne Roberts' answer, but Roy Blout, Jr.'s answer was correct.

For the second We'll Wait, You Tell Us, the listener contestant chose Roy's answer, but Charlie Pierce's answer was correct.

Many of the Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank questions asked of the panelists were about various people asking for President Clinton's resignation.