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NPR DB ID: 476
Guest: Jean Cochran
Chosen: Patt Morrison
Correct: Roxanne Roberts
Who's Carl This Time?, Listener Limerick Challenge, Not My Job about surfing, Week in Review, Who's Carl This Time? Round II, Bluff the Listener about strange collectibles, Panelist Predictions: what will Laura Bush do to change her "nice" image?

After concluding the Bluff the Listener segment on the show that aired 2001-08-04, Peter Sagal stated that listeners had written in about the previous show's Bluff the Listener segment in which the story about people collecting air sickness bags was in fact a real thing that happens. That was the story that the listener contestant chose but it was not deemed the correct story. They are retroactively giving the listener the prize of Carl Kasell's message on their answering machine.