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NPR DB ID: 1369
Hey Mario and Luigi get a load of these pipes
Chosen: Hari Kondabolu
Correct: Hari Kondabolu
Who's Bill This Time?; Panel Questions; Bluff the Listener about an upgrade that was a downgrade; Not My Job about misers; Panel Questions / Did All The Flight Attendants Avoid Hitting The Button That Makes the Plane Plunge 1000 Feet This Week?; Listener Limerick Challenge; Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank; Panelist Predictions: what will happen when the sun disappears during the eclipse?

For the third Not My Job question, Laurene Powell Jobs asked the audience what they thought the answer was and the consensus was "A", which Laurene chose. It was another instance where all three choices were correct.

For Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank, Hari Kondabolu was credited with three correct answers. In the version of the show that aired, seven of the questions were included and Hari answered two correct. The third correct answer would have been for the question that was edited out.

When Peter Sagal asked Bill Kurtis how Hari did, Bill stated, "Well, Hari got three, which is more than Maeve usually does." Hari responded by saying, "That's mean to me!"