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Best Of NPR DB ID: 1335
Best of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, a Thanksgiving Extravaganza featuring some favorite listener contestant segments

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At the top of the show, Peter Sagal mentioned that the segments included in this Best Of show featured the following panelists: Roxanne Roberts, Roy Blount, Jr., Charlie Pierce, Adam Felber and Margo Kaufman. Margo was not included in any of the segments, but Nell Benjamin was a panelist on the show for the second featured segment.

This is the first time Peter referred to the listener bluff segment, usually labeled as "We'll Wait, You Tell Us" or "Listener Bluff" on NPR.org, as "Bluff the Listener".

The featured segments included are:

  • Who's Carl This Time? #3 from 1998-09-26
  • Who's Carl This Time #1 and Historical Reenactment Theatre from 1998-10-24
  • Listener Bluff #1 from 1998-08-01
  • Who's Carl This Time? #1 (Listener Contestant) from 1998-10-03
  • Listener Bluff #2 from 1998-09-26
  • Who's Garfield This Time? #1 from 1998-08-22
  • We'll Wait You Tell Us (Bluff) #2 from 1998-08-22
  • Who's Carl This Time? #1 from 1998-10-31