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NPR DB ID: 332
Chosen: Roxanne Roberts
Correct: Roxanne Roberts
Chosen: Charlie Pierce
Correct: Charlie Pierce
Who's Carl This Time?; Who's Carl This Time? #2; Not My Job about George and Ira Gershwin; Listener Bluff; Week in Review; Listener Bluff #2; Who's Carl This Time? #3; Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank; Predicting Next Week's Headlines

The first Who's Carl This Time? was a special version in which the panelists got to play instead of a listener contestant. The second and third Who's Carl This Time? segments were played by listener contestants.

This is the first time that the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! NPR site references the listener bluff segment as "Listener Bluff" instead of "We'll Wait, You Tell Us".

For the first Listener Bluff, the listener contestant chose Roxanne Roberts' answer, which was correct.

For the second Listener Bluff, the listener contestant chose Charlie Pierce's answer, which was correct.

With some assistance from Peter Sagal, the listener contestant for the third Who's Carl This Time? segment won, meaning that all of the listener contestants and the Not My Job guest won.

As a joke, the gong sounded after Roxanne answered the first Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank round; though, the round would continue. This was due to both Adam and Charlie only having 6 points each. If the round had ended with Roxanne only answering one question correct, all three panelists would have finished the game in a three-way tie with 6 points each.